The government is finally poised to prevent hospitals from profiting from their preventable mistakes. Starting last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will deny payments to hospitals for the additional costs associated with treating patients for certain types of preventable hospital acquired infections and medical errors. These very preventable problems are caused by unconscionable care including bed sores, surgical error such as objects casino en ligne français left in patients during surgery and in-hospital falls.

Too often, clients are faced with mounting medical bills that are only amplified by medical mistakes. One of the most tragic cases we ever had was a bed sore case where a patient was allowed to develop a bed sore that was literally larger than his fist. This individual had heart surgery and due to the nurses’ negligence in turning the patient, he was allowed to develop a huge bedsore on his buttocks. This made his recovery that much more difficult. We were happy to be able to secure a substantial settlement on his behalf.