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When you have been hurt on the roadways in Pennsylvania or New Jersey because of someone else’s careless or negligent act, you can find it difficult to know who to trust and how to take the right steps to protect your interests. Your first response may be to contact your automobile insurance carrier, hoping to get reimbursement for all your losses. But you may encounter delays, or your insurance company may offer you far less than you need to meet your needs. You may even find your claim denied. The attorneys at Shaffer & Gaier can help.

At the law firm of Shaffer & Gaier, we bring more than 45 years of combined legal experience to people in and around Philadelphia, including individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents. We know from experience that the facts and circumstances of your case are unique. Nonetheless, our commitment to you is the same as our commitment to every other client — we will use our skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you pursue the best possible result in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have a registered nurse as part of our staff so we can thoroughly assess your injuries and medical needs.

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Practice
We represent people who have been hurt in automobile accidents, whether as drivers, passengers or pedestrians. We handle cases involving:

  • Car accidents — We litigate cases involving head-on collisions, T-bone accidents, rear-end crashes and multiple- or single-vehicle accidents.

  • Truck wrecks — We take claims involving collisions with any type of commercial vehicle, such as 18-wheelers, semis, big rigs, tractor-trailers or delivery vans. We understand state and federal regulations governing truckers and trucking companies, and know how to prove that violations of maintenance or “time on the road” requirements contributed to or caused your injuries. Visit our trucking accidents page for more information.

  • Motorcycle crashes — We represent bikers who have been hurt in motorcycle-car collisions or in single-vehicle accidents.

We will carefully investigate the facts and circumstances of your crash, traveling to the scene of the accident if necessary. Our attorneys will work with expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, medical professionals and financial planners, to develop and present the most compelling case for your total financial recovery.

We will aggressively protect your interests in all proceedings, including any dealings with insurance companies, so that you get all the benefits you deserve.

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