Shaffer & Gaier’s client agreed to a $30,000 cash settlement with Deutsche Bank in an action filed by the banking giant to foreclose on his New Jersey investment property. When purchased in 2006, the property was worth approximately $110,000, but at the time of the trial the value had fallen to $65,000. Shaffer & Gaier’s review of the loan documents uncovered fraud committed by the Lender in the underwriting process.

After Deutsche Bank filed its foreclosure action, Shaffer & Gaier filed a counterclaim based on fraud and misrepresentation (the lender grossly inflated our client’s federal tax return income when qualifying him for the loan and failed to disclose that to the client). During pretrial discovery and trial preparation, Shaffer & Gaier proved that the bank’s assignment documents (which give the Lender the right to bring the foreclosure lawsuit) were defective and therefore it did not have the right to foreclose.

Along with the counterclaim, this allowed the client to successfully settle the claim on the third day of trial. As part of the terms of the settlement, our client was entitled to retain the property and collect the rental income for an expected period of 18 months, free of mortgage payment obligations.