Automobile Accidents

Notable Verdicts & Settlements in Automobile Accident Cases

Trucking Accident Yields Sizeable Settlement

Shaffer & Gaier was able to secure a sizeable settlement for a driver who was rear ended by a tractor trailer in NJ. Our client was traveling in NJ and was stopped in a traffic jam. The driver of an 18 wheel tractor trailer smashed into her vehicle causing her significant injuries. Although our client had neck and back injuries, her main complaint was to her hearing. Due to the deployment of her air bags, our client had constant ringing in her ears and hearing loss.
Shaffer & Gaier provided expert testimony that proved that the ringing in her ears was caused by the auto accident. As a result of this, Shaffer & Gaier secured a substantial settlement on her behalf.

$900,000 Arbitration Award

Our attorneys represented the driver who was involved in a head on-collision with a driver that crossed the median causing a severe accident. The Plaintiff suffered a fractured hip and broken ribs. The other driver did not carry sufficient insurance so our attorneys were able to bring a claim against our clients’ own insurance company for under insured motorist benefits. Plaintiff retained several experts to establish the ongoing limitation from the fractured hip.

$592,000 total settlement for rear end accident

We secured $592,000 total settlement for rear end accident in Northampton County. Our client, a nurse, was the first car in a 3-car accident. A lawsuit was filed against the driver, a 17 year old, and his parents for negligence and negligently entrusting the car to the 17 year old who had a sketchy driving record. The Defendants claimed that the collision was only a minor impact, but we were able to show that Plaintiff suffered from focal right paracentral disc herniation at C3-4, rotator cuff syndrome, acute denervation in the left C5-C6 nerve roots, RSD of the left upper extremity and cervical brachial syndrome due to the accident.

$600,000 settlement

In a case that presented us with difficult liability, we obtained a $600,000 settlement for our client who struck the rear of a parked tow truck on I-95. We were able to recreate the accident using a variety of experts and computer aided drawings which show that our client thought the vehicle was moving when, in fact, it was stopped on highway. We were then able to prove that since the tow truck was parked partially on the highway, the driver and the towing company violated various Codes of Federal Regulations regarding commercial vehicles. At the time of the accident, our client was a senior in college, and suffered broken ribs, fractured clavicle and scarring on her abdomen and chest.

Truck Driver Received $700,000 Award

Michael Evans was a truck driver from Scranton, PA, who made deliveries to a warehouse located in South Philadelphia. Mr. Evans trucking route required him to go to a warehouse in the middle of the night and drop off an empty trailer and then connect his tractor with a full trailer, which contained frozen foods. On the night of his accident, Mr. Evans was making the connections to secure his loaded trailer when he fell inside a storm grate that was cracked on the Defendant=s property. Unfortunately for Mr. Evans, he fell striking his elbow and arm when he fell into the grate. Mr. Evans broke his arm and needed surgery to repair the ligament damage to his elbow. Shaffer & Gaier brought suit against the owner of the premises and City of Philadelphia, which owned the storm grate. We conducted extensive discovery and investigation which showed that property was very dangerous yet Defendants did not repair the property. Our experts concluded that this storm grate had been broken for years and the Defendants did nothing to repair the condition. Our firm was able to secure an Arbitration award against these Defendants for $700,000.00.

Photographer Secures $750,000 Award

A Philadelphia photographer obtained a substantial Arbitration award due to a rare condition that occurred after an automobile accident. Our client was a professional photographer who had a significant business throughout Pennsylvania. Due to the automobile accident, our client developed psoriatic arthritis – a very rare but crippling disease – especially for a photographer. We were able to secure one of the leading experts in the world to establish that this condition was cause by the accident.

$1.2 Million Verdict for Defective Highway Design

One of our attorneys represented a 60 year old man who was waiting for a SEPTA bus at the intersection of 52nd Street and Chestnut for in downtown Philadelphia. As Plaintiff was waiting for the bus, there was an inter-sectional accident and one of the cars pinned Plaintiff against one of the subway posts crashing his leg. Our experts were able to establish that the City of Philadelphia was negligent in designing the highway to require people to actually wait for the bus in the middle of the intersection. Our attorney was able to locate witnesses that the testified that there were several accidents at the location site and the City of Philadelphia was told that this was a dangerous location.

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