Why Fight Foreclosure?

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If you have encountered financial problems and fallen behind on your mortgage, you may believe that your only option is to move out and allow your lender to foreclose on the property. To the contrary, there are many good reasons to fight foreclosure. Fighting foreclosure could give you an affordable place to live until you get your financial situation turned around. You may even be able to renegotiate your loan to make it affordable. The attorneys at Shaffer & Gaier, can help protect your rights.

At Shaffer & Gaier, we bring more than 45 years of combined legal experience to people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, handling a broad range of foreclosure issues, no matter how small or large. Though your situation may be unique, our commitment is always the same — to employ our considerable skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you get the best outcome possible in a timely and cost-effective manner through hard work and attention to detail.

There Are Good Reasons to Fight Foreclosure
When you hire us to defend you in a foreclosure proceeding, we will immediately take aggressive action to protect your interests. We can help you:

  • Stay in your house longer — Often, you can stay in your house for two to three years during the litigation process. You don’t need to leave just because the bank says you do. If your children are in high school, we may be able to keep you in your home until they graduate.

  • Explore options to avoid foreclosure — We can work directly with your lender, looking for alternatives to foreclosure, including loan modification and a short sale of your home. We are also aware of programs available to help you avoid foreclosure. We will typically run a parallel track, seeking alternatives with your lender while litigation is in process.

  • Keep your home — If there is a way that you can afford your home and can stay there, we will figure it out and work to make it happen

  • Leave on your terms — If it does not make sense for you to stay in the home and under the mortgage, we can help you leave the property on your own terms. You can have peace of mind, and don’t have to live in fear of the bank and what they may do to you.

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