Mortgage Modification

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Helping You Avoid Foreclosure through Mortgage Modification
Have you fallen behind on your mortgage? Are you facing foreclosure? Have you tried to work out new terms to make your mortgage affordable only to find that your contact at the bank seems to change every time you call or that no one has an answer for you? Call Shaffer & Gaier to discuss how we can help.

At Shaffer & Gaier, we aggressively protect the rights of property owners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. Our lawyers bring more than 45 years of combined legal experience to every case we handle. While we recognize that your case is unique, our commitment remains the same — to use our skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you get the best outcome possible in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We understand the stress and anxiety that come when you have worries about losing your house. We place a premium on hard work and attention to detail, and will keep you fully informed at all times so that you can make educated decisions about protecting your property and your future.

How We Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure by Modifying Your Mortgage
When you hire us to help you with a loan modification, we will become your voice in all dealings with your lender. If we are unable to immediately get the process moving with loan or bank officers, we will work directly with attorneys for the bank to get the modification process moving forward.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the programs available to help you refinance or restructure your loan and avoid foreclosure. We will carefully evaluate your circumstances to determine what programs you qualify for, and we will explain your options as well as the benefits and consequences of different strategies.

Our goal will always be the same — to negotiate a new loan agreement that is affordable to you and acceptable to your lender. Whenever possible, we will seek to modify the rate or length of the loan, and will work to get late fees and penalties waived.

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