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If you have fallen behind in your house payments and have been served with foreclosure papers, is it too late to save your home? What if you have a judgment against you? The answer is no! It’s never too late to fight foreclosure attempts on your home and property. In some instances, you can even file suit to recover property that has been taken by the bank. Regardless of where you are in the foreclosure process, the experienced attorneys at Shaffer & Gaier can help.

At Shaffer & Gaier, with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, our partners have more than 45 years of collective legal experience. We handle all types of foreclosure issues, no matter how small or large. We believe that positive legal results come from a combination of experience, hard work and attention to detail. Our attorneys recognize that every situation is different, but our commitment to you is always the same — we will use our considerable skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you get the best outcome possible in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Let Us Help You Fight Foreclosure
When you hire us to protect your rights in a foreclosure proceeding, we will conduct a thorough investigation of all the facts and circumstances of your case, starting with a review of your lender’s actions throughout the process. We will ensure that all required disclosures were provided and that your lender did not engage in misrepresentation or fraud.

Because of our experience, we know that your lender has the burden of proof in all foreclosure matters. We will pay close attention to detail, making certain that the bank takes the necessary steps to prove all requirements of the foreclosure action, including ownership of your loan on the day of foreclosure. In today’s market, with loans being regularly bought and sold, this is often not the case.

Because real estate transactions involve many complicated and detailed documents, it is not unusual to discover irregularities in paperwork. When appropriate, we will use the errors in your original documentation as a basis for seeking to dismiss the foreclosure action.

When appropriate, we will work with your lender to identify whether there is any opportunity to refinance or restructure your loan, or whether your lender will allow you to dispose of the property in a short sale.

Even if a motion has been filed to seize your property or the property has been sold at an auction, we can file a motion to vacate the judgment if there is evidence of fraud or other wrongful conduct by your lender.

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