The Full Effect of a Foreclosure

Aggressive Foreclosure Defense Lawyers: Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Florida

What happens when a mortgage lender successfully forecloses on your property? Is it possible to keep your home, even after a judgment has been entered in favor of a lender in a foreclosure proceeding? While it is always best to hire foreclosure defense counsel early in the process, it is seldom too late to aggressively fight foreclosure efforts. Call us to discuss how we can help.

At Shaffer & Gaier, with offices in Pennsylvania, Florida and New Jersey, our partners have more than 45 years of combined legal experience. We handle all types of foreclosure issues, no matter how small or large, using our skill, knowledge, experience and resources to protect your rights and interests. Because of our decades of experience, we know that every legal situation is different. Nonetheless, our commitment to you is always the same — we will combine hard work and attention to detail to help you get the best outcome possible as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

We offer a free initial consultation. To arrange a meeting with our experienced foreclosure defense attorneys, contact our office online or call our foreclosure hotline at 855-289-1660.

Don’t Be a Passive Participant to a Foreclosure Proceeding!

The foreclosure process can be long and painful. If you simply do nothing, the court will issue a judgment in favor of your lender and a foreclosure sale will be scheduled. When your property is sold, your deed will become null and void, and a new deed will be issued and recorded in the name of the new owner. At that point, you will have no access to your property and no rights of use or possession.

However, you can stay in your house during the foreclosure process and can, in some instances, seek to recover your property rights even after foreclosure. At Shaffer & Gaier, we will aggressively protect your interests at any stage of a foreclosure proceeding, whether you have simply fallen behind on your mortgage payments and have not yet received a notice that foreclosure proceedings have been initiated, or if your property is up for sale or has been foreclosed on. We will carefully review all documents related to the purchase and financing of your home, and will make certain that your lender meets all burdens of proof during the foreclosure process. We will look for evidence of misrepresentation or nondisclosure by your lender, and will seek any reasonable basis for dismissing a foreclosure action or vacating a foreclosure ruling.

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To schedule a meeting, call our foreclosure hotline at 855-289-1660 or contact our office online. There is no cost or obligation for your first consultation. Evening and weekend meetings can be arranged upon request. We will travel to your home if necessary to meet with you.

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