Premises Liability Settlements

Dog Bite Settles for Full Policy Limit

Shaffer & Gaier represented a young woman who was severely injured when a dog viciously attacked her causing back injuries and a scar to her back. Plaintiff was a 23 year old woman who was working for a summer camp. As she was taking the child off the camp bus, a vicious dog broke through a screen door and attacked her. Shaffer & Gaier was able to settle this case for the full insurance policy limit of the homeowners.

Parking Lot Crack Leads To Verdict for Plaintiff

Our firm represented a salesman who was injured a parking lot in Mount Laurel NJ. Plaintiff fell over a crack n the parking sustaining a fractured ankle requiring surgery. The Defendants’ eyewitnesses to the accident argued that our client either tripped over a “pebble” or simply tripped over his own feet. Plaintiff argued that the crack caused the fall and was a dangerous condition- the jury agreed. The jury awarded $300,000 to Plaintiff

Black Ice – Equals $200,000 Verdict

We represented a vigorous 85 year old woman who worked full time as a sales associate. She would normally arrive at work as early as 5 am. On the day of this accident, she parked her car and stepped onto a parking lot that very slippery. The defendants asserted that the parking lot was safe and it was not responsible for Plaintiffs’ injuries. The Jury disagreed awarding $200,000 for the injury.

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